Affordable Health Insurance


Low-cost health insurance is now available for U.S. residents in every state. Find out now if you qualify.

How does the health insurance marketplace work?
Obtaining low-cost health insurance is a 4-step process. It begins with creating an account. You then submit all of the relevant information required to see if you qualify, such as your income level. After that you will see a list of plans available to you, your family, or your business. Finally, you choose one plan and enroll.

When you apply for health insurance you will be told if you qualify for a private plan or Medicaid. No matter which state you live in you can use the marketplace.

You must enroll early otherwise you will face a penalty if you are not covered in 2014.

Health insurance will cover pre-existing conditions, essential benefits, and more. There is no need to worry (as you have prior to the marketplace) whether or not you will qualify.